GTX 590 vs HD 6990 and GTX 590 GPU-Z Screenshot

GTX 590 vs HD 6990
GeForce GTX 590 vs Radeon HD 6990

The launch of the new dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590 is planned on March 24, 2011. But as usual for high end cards, there are many leaks on the web…

Here is a screenshot of the GTX 590 with the latest GPU-Z 0.5.2:

GTX 590, GPU-Z

And here’s the bundle of GIGABYTE’s GTX 590:



7 thoughts on “GTX 590 vs HD 6990 and GTX 590 GPU-Z Screenshot”

  1. Shynn

    your GPU-Z results is a FAKE! my GTX580 have higher higher GPU clock and some other is higher too. u fake it didnt you?

  2. JEskandari

    By looking at the Fan and the size of the card well I must say it seems that the GTX590 have more
    acceptable noise

  3. wteSmithy

    Shynn, of course GPU-Z is not fake, those are the screenshots from a 590 and tally up with the latest from hundreds of websites reporting the same specs.

    A dual-GPU design will always clock less than a single GPu due to the excess heat of an enclosed space as with all dual-GPU that have ever existed. That’s why based on performance and overclocking your better off buying two 580s – unless anyone has had issues running SLI.

  4. Penaseh

    @Shynn, Nvidia reduce clock speed because to reduce power consumption and heat. Its same with AMD dual GPU graphic HD5970 and HD6990.

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