9 thoughts on “GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 590: Specs and Benchmark Scores (vs HD 6990 and GTX 580)”

  1. Zorg

    Maximum disappointment if this true.
    They had to go back years to find games that it can beat the 6990 in. Sad 🙁

  2. JEskandari

    why they didn’t used Lost Planet ,Dirt 2 , Civilization 5 , H.A.W.X 2 and such game

    at least in those games they had better advantage compared to crysis Warhead or 3dMark

  3. Ahmad

    I think two day delay was to improve driver performance to shine in benchmarks, this maybe with old drivers.

  4. wteSmithy

    When it comes to price on this occasion, it doesn’t really matter to me if I pick AMD or Nvidia unless reviewers pick out flaws. It’s still a great lineup; 6990 vs 590. I would pick a 580 purely for single display but the latest games would show different results.

    The only benchmarks I was interested in as a hardware enthusiast was 3dMark11, FarCry2, and Crysis: Warhead.

    Interesting results overall. I was a little disappointed nothing more recent was included when it comes to playing the latest games on the latest hardware – even Black Ops maxed out would appeal to most as most games are still played DX9. Old-ish engine I know, then I would say show Metro 2033 but not many PCs can play this due to the extreme tessellation. Which is why you should show games / benchmarks that really pushes the latest GPUs – even Heaven Benchmark 2.5 (DX11) would do.

  5. Tumalu

    Well, to my personal choices I have always liked AMD Radeons above all else. I’ll just stick with my 5970 for now and buy 2x 6990 later on 🙂

    GeForce didn’t do bad, but it just doesn’t match up well at all with the HD6990.

  6. flakefrost

    nvidia wins with a lot of other games too… both 6990 and 590 are actually fairly even as far as fps goes… wait untill the gtx 595 comes out 🙂

  7. theoneandonlymrk

    yeh if you game at 1280×1024 nv win but no one does. and if they do they need a new scrn stat.

    i dont see any clear victory for either team their so itd come down to price imho

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