PhysXLab 1.0.1 BETA and PhysX SDK Available


1 – PhysX SDK

A new version of NVIDIA PhysX SDK is available. As usual, no changelog or official release notes. We can consider this new update as a maintenance release. More information about the new driverless model introduced in PhysX 2.8.4 HERE.

You can download the PhysX SDK HERE (an account is required).

All tools based on PhysX (FluidMark, GeeXLab and Kombustor) will be updated shortly.

2 – PhysXLab 1.0.1

PhysXLab 1.0.1, destruction module

PhysXLab is an artist-friendly, stand-alone content creation tool for APEX. With PhysXLab, an artist can create PhysX contents that can be loaded in the real-time 3D application with the APEX SDK functions.

You can download the PhysXLab 1.0.1 HERE (an account is required).

Destruction authoring is a component of PhysXLab, a standalone GUI authoring tool for APEX. Using PhysXLab, you may take user-provided artwork (meshes) and split them into broken fragments or “chunks.” The result can be used to generate an APEX Destructible Asset (NxDestructibleAsset), which can be streamed into the standard APEX asset (.apx and .apb) file formats. This not only contains a hierarchy of fractured meshes, but also collision information and physical material parameters, as well as support information for each chunk. Besides exporting APEX file formats, you can also save various aspects of your workspace. The entire workspace can be saved into a project (.npproj) file, or you can just save the current mesh into an .afm (“apex fractured mesh”) file. You can also save the current mesh’s material library in an .aml (“apex material library”) file. This can be used as a material source when choosing a fractured mesh’s interior material. Lastly, an important subset of the project is the “fracture template.” These parameters control the splitting of the mesh into chunks, and may be tuned to give various effects that emulate the fracturing of wood, concrete, glass, etc. The user may save off the fracture template into an .nppf (“preset fracture”) file.

PhysXLab 1.0.1, destruction module
More slices and more depth

2 thoughts on “PhysXLab 1.0.1 BETA and PhysX SDK Available”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    PhysXLab is a great tool for making destructables for UDK.. bit complicated..but produces good results with little effort

  2. Ek

    It’s still dead buggy. I’m not able to use edit boxes and it crashes every now and then.

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