Playing DiRT 3 on a Radeon HD 6990 with Eyefinity 5×1 Setup


Cool, but only if you like bezels 😉
Or if you have monitors with narrow bezels like LG’s ones:

LG - narrow bezel monitors
3×3 37-inch narrow bezel LCD monitors by LG – source

[youtube sWHNanjFRUA]


8 thoughts on “Playing DiRT 3 on a Radeon HD 6990 with Eyefinity 5×1 Setup”

  1. mike kitchen

    very nice, but i think a larg LED LCD TV ABOUT 46″ Is big enough, i have my hi end gaming system in a ZALMAN HD503 case and inside its got a asus p6p67 deluxe motherboard with a I7 2600k @ 4555.47mhz with 6GB corsair XMS3 1600MHZ memory and a XFX 5970 2GB and a Tagan 900w Psu, all on remote and its connected to A Samsung 46″ LED HD TV with DiNovo Mini Keyboard, C300 60GB SSD With windows 7 64bit and a western digital black 1TB All sata 6. this also being conected to a AMP and celestion f30 speakers, all this is direct infrunt of me and its 6ft away and its amazin, whats the point of buying all those monitors, when a deceant led tv can display 1920×1080 flicker images ?

  2. Ek

    @1 the point is that the resolution grows considerably which leads to much more detailed images. And FYI you don’t have to list your whole “hi end” system here no matter how proud you are. So sad as it is, your system isn’t the fastest on the globe.

  3. zenmorris

    mike kitchen, m8 take a bank of memory n you’ll have a faster rig, Lmao

  4. mike kitchen

    lol i was thinking about my old i7 930 lol, i realy have 8gb lol,but a good point, i do appologies

  5. WacKEDmaN

    the only good thing is see here is all 5 monitors are running from a single card..
    this is one area where Nvidia is severly lacking..

    that said tho..i run 3 heads on games at a rez of 4480×1080..on a GTX470+9600GT and SoftTH at 60fps or more for most games (mainly racing sims, but crysis2 beta in triple head is also quite playable at around 25fps)

    @mike kitchen: try to fit these full size images, from various games, on your 1920×1080 monitor..if you centre the image..thats all you will see…with extra monitors you expand the field of view..its a major help in racing sims as it allows you to see cars up beside you while in cockpit view..
    (click “original view” to see the full images)

  6. mike kitchen

    ok but in most racing games the cars do have mirrors,lol, 46″ 1080P HD is ok for me, and also because its being displayed on a 46″ led tv, the graphics don’t shrink, i have had some good monitors in the past a dell 24″ ultrabright. and in some games the graphics became hard to see, due to the res, i don’t have this issue with a 46″ display, due to the pix being bigger, but then again thats just my oppinion. its a nice idea being able to have all dose displays on 1 card, but as for myself, my samsung is good enough..

    with regards


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