GeForce GTX 590: VGA Cooler with Removable Cover and a TDP greater than 360W

GeForce GTX 590, VGA cooler, PCB

Here is some new information about the upcoming dual-GF110 based GeForce GTX 590. The two-slot height VGA cooler will have a removable cover for easy cleaning, the GPU VRM will have 10 phases, and the TDP should be 365W or 375W. A TDP of 365W or 375W means a peak 3D power certainly greater than 400W

In a recent R267.52 driver (I didn’t tested this driver nor downloaded it), we can find, according to VR-Zone, the device ID of the GTX 590:

NVIDIA_DEV.1088.01 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590".

GeForce GTX 590 specs