(Download) Radeon BIOS Editor 1.28

Radeon BIOS Editor(RBE)

Radeon BIOS Editor or RBE is available in version 1.28. RBE is a Radeon BIOS file manipulation utility.

Why modifying the BIOS? For example to enable higher GPU voltage for extreme GPU overclocking…

Here is how to modifiy the BIOS of your Radeon card:

  • 1 – use GPU-Z and export the BIOS file (*.bin).
  • 2 – load this bin file (RBE: Load BIOS…) in RBE and tweak it.
  • 3 – save the BIOS file (RBE: Save BIOS…)
  • 4 – flash your BIOS using the new BIOS file.

A complete tutorial is available HERE.

You can download RBE 1.28 here:

RBE 1.28 changelog:

  • Fixed a bug that reported an error message regarding VendorID writing occasionally.
  • Fixed rare overdrive bug.
  • Added 6950 to 6970 shader unlocking capability (will most likely only work for reference design cards).
  • Added 6990 DeviceID.