Unreal Engine 3: Official DX11 Samaritan Demo

[youtube RSXyztq_0uM]

This is a Direct3D 11 demo of the Unreal Engine 3 (presented at the GDC 2011) running on… 3-way SLI of GeForce GTX 580. This demo features also some PhysX-based effects.

Focusing on cinematic intense visual effects as opposed to the procedural flexibility demonstrated in Epic’s previous tech videos, the highly impressive Samaritan movie showcased Unreal Engine 3’s artist driven features, including image-based reflection and improved bloom, along with Direct X 11 features such as sub surface scattering and dynamic tessalation and displacement.


8 thoughts on “Unreal Engine 3: Official DX11 Samaritan Demo”

  1. Nautilus

    A fatal blow to Crytek and CryEngine. Crytek failed to bring DX11 to gamers and yet they claim Unreal Engine wouldn’t be enough to make Crysis2. I think the otherwise. Crysis2 would a better game with Unreal Engine.

  2. horacio

    “This demo features also some PhysX-based effects”

    Dx 11 compute best chois for my.

  3. Psolord

    Holly Molly that’s impressive. The requirements are high yes, but I think it will be perfectly doable on a 700€ GTX 670 SLI rig. Yes I’m talking next year.

    In any case, why don’t they make a benchmark out of it? That would be fun!

  4. DrBalthar

    Yep at least from the visual impact (does not necessarily it is technical better) it blows the shit out of CryEngine3 demos

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