(Demoscene) Sierra Leone: 100% Prodecural Raytraced Demo

[youtube BtEQ2cz-NfM]

This is a video of a 100% prodecural raytraced demo coded by XT95 a member of the french demogroup FRequency.

If someone has a link to the real demo, just post it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “(Demoscene) Sierra Leone: 100% Prodecural Raytraced Demo”

  1. @lx

    Thanks for the link!
    XT95 did that for a video project school, so current version runs at 1fps, not RT.
    He will have probably to rewrite a bit things, like decrease the number of ray-marching-steps and perform somekind of MLAA instead of supersampling (which is hurting a lot perf for raymarching scenes) in order to have a RT version

  2. DrBalthar

    Sorry a bit boring. Heaven7 a 64k RTRT intro from 1997 looked more interesting that this.

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