NVIDIA R267.24, R267.26 and R267.31 Beta Drivers

GPU Caps Viewer + R267.24 + GTX 460

R267.26 is for GTX 560 Ti, R267.31 is for GTX 580 only and R267.24 is for all desktop GPUs. R267.26 is based on the R266_66 branch while R267.24 and R267.31 are based on the R266_45 branch (see the GPU Caps Viewer screenshot, the branch is displayed in the Driver zone) which has some bugs like a broken AO (ambient occlusion).

So if you want to test these beta drivers, here are the links:

R267.31 downloads

R267.26 downloads

R267.24 downloads

Thanks NV for that mess…

4 thoughts on “NVIDIA R267.24, R267.26 and R267.31 Beta Drivers”

  1. Stefan

    Could you also add the “SUBSYS” ID to the device ID?
    Usually OEM hybrid drivers contain that and notebook users are puzzled why installation fails when they caught the wrong driver.

    And R266 branch will be history soon 😉

  2. JeGX Post Author

    What is the subsys id? You mean the sub vendor/device id? If so, sub vendor and device IDs are in the Sub vendor ID field.

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