FRAPS 3.31 Released


A new update of FRAPS, the FPS / video / screen capture tool for OpenGL and Direct3D applications, has been released. You can download it from this page: FRAPS download.

FRAPS 3.3.1 changelog

  • Fixed Fraps not detecting Agrar Simulator 2011 and some D3D9Ex applications
  • Fixed wrong capture dimensions for Fallout 3/New Vegas & Milkdrop
  • Fixed counter showing over frames in IE9 beta
  • Fixed stereoscopic capture not working in half-size mode for some games
  • Additional minor bug fixes

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One thought on “FRAPS 3.31 Released”

  1. Psolord

    I am getting a fraps reading lately on Youtube videos! lol

    I missed when this started happening though. Was it after the latest fraps was installed or the latest flash? hmmm..

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