SPARK Particle Engine

[youtube 7lJu2rf3Ras]

I just discovered this particle engine. SPARK is a free, opensource and cross-platform particle engine. The engine is coded in C++ with the STL only. SPARK is made up of a core module (computation of the particles) and several additional modules for the rendering (OpenGL module, SFML module and Irrlicht module). The core module is totally independant from the rendering ones.

I will test it and if possible add it in GeeXLab as a new Lua / Python library.

More information and download here: SPARK Particle Engine.

SPARK Particle Engine

3 thoughts on “SPARK Particle Engine”

  1. DrBalthar

    Hmm amazing green video! Is it supposed to display anything else besides just a green screen for 63 seconds?

  2. JeGX Post Author

    You must have a problem with your flash player…
    there’s no a green screen.

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