NVIDIA Cg Toolkit 3.0 February 2011 and OptiX 2.1 RC2


NVIDIA has updated its Cg Toolkit as well as OptiX, the real time and programmable ray tracer optimized for GPUs.

1 – Cg Toolkit 3.0 February 2011

You can download Cg toolkit 3.0 HERE.

New things:

  • Improved DX11 tessellation support
  • Resolved an issue with nearly identical user defined types
  • Resolved an issue with default values from unreferenced uniform parameters
  • Support setting matrices beyond 96 float constants in the vp30 profile
  • Application supplied compilation options now override those set by cgGLSetOptimalOptions
  • Improved support for ‘const’ variables in the GLSL profiles
  • Added sampler state documentation

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2 – OptiX 2.1 RC2

NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine

You can download OptiX 2.1 RC2 HERE. More information about NVIDIA Application Acceleration Engines HERE.

Changes from OptiX 2.1 RC1:

  • RtuTraverse API changes
    • Sped up CPU fallback path
      • See documentation for new capabilities, including optional return data for ray hits
      • Since flags have change, apps must be recompiled against RC2.
      • Added traversal sample
      • Doesn’t link against nvcuda.dll or nvcuda.so. This allows apps linking to OptiX to execute on machines that do not have an NVIDIA driver installed. This also enables the the CPU fallback option of rtuTraverse.
    • Sped up SBVH builds and some other OptiX code
    • Replaced inline keyword in optix_math with __forceinline__ to speed up both Windows and GCC host code. This can be overridden by redefining OPTIXU_INLINE before #including optix_math.h.
    • Removed all instances of .f64 from PTX files by forcing floating point literals to float instead of double in SDK samples.
    • Changed Visual Studio optimization flags for release builds of SDK, including /fp:fast
    • Inverted sign of normal returned by intersect_triangle in optixu_math_namespace.h (it was previously returning –normal instead of normal).
    • Fixed bug on G80 GPUs where it complained about cuMemAlloc
    • Fixed bug with SwimmingShark sample on OBJ models that included more than one group
    • Fixed bug regarding inlining certain function calls in SM2.0 PTX.
    • Fixed warning: comma at end of enumerator list
    • -malign-double is not used anywhere.

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  1. Leith Bade

    How soon will we see the v3.0 CG compiler in NVIDIA’s OpenGL drivers? Sounds like they did more work on GLSL bug fixes.

  2. Leith Bade

    I hope they fix the big bug that breaks seperate shader objects…

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