GPU Caps Viewer OpenCL Demos Work Fine Under Wine

GPU Caps Viewer, OpenCL Julia4D, Linux and Wine
Julia4D OpenCL demo running under Wine

Here is a screenshot (high resolution is available HERE) showing an OpenCL demo of GPU Caps Viewer 1.10.0 running under Wine (Windows compatibiliy layer for Linux / Unix).

Thanks to StreamComputing for this screenshot. And if you need more information about Wine and OpenCL, check out this article: OpenCL under Wine.

Update: FurMark running under Wine / Linux. Thanks to Licaon!

FurMark, Linux and Wine

6 thoughts on “GPU Caps Viewer OpenCL Demos Work Fine Under Wine”

  1. JeGX Post Author

    Still an embryo… but I really want to see the furry donut and its buddy the tessellated sphere running under Linux. I will code them asap!

  2. Arun

    I have one doubt was openCL suppose to be an Open Source platform … why do we still require wine to run this in linux ?? Sorry … i don’t much about this .. just my concern

  3. Licaon

    You have native OpenCL support on Linux yes, but you need WINE to run Windows programs that use OpenCL.

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