FeedParser 5.0 Available (Python)

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A new version of FeedParser is available. FeedParser is a Python package for parsing RSS feeds. FeedParser is a powerful package and is really simple to use: one line to parse a RSS feed and other line to access the information you need:

rssFeed = feedparser.parse(feed_url)
curFeedTitle = rssFeed['feed']['title']

FeedParser is used in Twitter City demo made with GeeXLab:

GeeXLab - Twitter City

You can download FeedParser HERE or HERE.

FeedParser 5.0 changelog (January 25, 2011):

  • Improved MathML support
  • Support microformats (rel-tag, rel-enclosure, xfn, hcard)
  • Support IRIs
  • Allow safe CSS through sanitization
  • Allow safe HTML5 through sanitization
  • Support SVG
  • Support inline XML entity declarations
  • Support unescaped quotes and angle brackets in attributes
  • Support additional date formats
  • Added the `request_headers` argument to parse()
  • Added the `response_headers` argument to parse()
  • Support multiple entry, feed, and source authors
  • Officially make Python 2.4 the earliest supported version
  • Support Python 3
  • Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes