Intel Cloth Tech-Demo Recompiled with SSE for AVX Emulation

Intel AVX Cloth demo with SSE support

If you don’t have a AVX-capable CPU but want to see Intel’s AVX cloth demo, here is a recompilation (done by Erwin Coumans, Bullet Physics main author) using AVX emulation with SSE instructions: Intel Cloth demo SSE version. No source code available, only the binary.

And now some numbers to see if the SSE recompilation is worth it. I tested both AVX and SSE versions on an Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2400:

AVX demo 1920×1080
– Serial: 10FPS
– 128bit: 82FPS
– 256bit: 85FPS

SSE demo 1920×1080
– Serial: 20FPS
– 128bit: 73FPS
– 256bit: 35FPS

The 128bit version works pretty well (and the serial version works faster than the original demo). SSE is a good alternative to AVX 128bit. But the 256bit emulation is another story…

10 thoughts on “Intel Cloth Tech-Demo Recompiled with SSE for AVX Emulation”

  1. TeXugo

    I wonder if NVIDIA will make a PhysX AVX version.
    What will be the implications of that port?

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  3. Erwin Coumans

    Note that the differences in performance of the serial/sse version are mainly because I recompiled the demo using Visual Studio 2010 C++ compiler and not the Intel C++ compiler.

  4. Psolord

    Why do we need 265 AVX? Does the average user have anything to gain in his everyday applications (gaming included)?

  5. Psolord

    The download link at Intel Cloth demo SSE version gives an error message as being invalid! :S

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