[CES 2011] EVGA GTX 590 Gemini Dual-GPU Card

EVGA GTX 590 - Gemini project

EVGA has announced during the CES 2011, that a dual-GPU graphics card (EVGA’s Gemini project) will be released soon. No much information about what GPUs will be used, but the GPU behind the upcomming GTX 560 is a good candidate. The Gemini card (or GTX 590 ?) comes with two 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors (ouch! 50W+150W+75W which means a maximal power of 375W…), three DVI outputs and one SLI connector.

[youtube Vf_7XpJEeOM]


6 thoughts on “[CES 2011] EVGA GTX 590 Gemini Dual-GPU Card”

  1. applejack

    two 8-pin power connectors isn’t that bad compared to quad 6-pin power connectors for two single gpu cards.

  2. MrBurns

    I dont think I am fan of evga anymore… But I am looking for a DUAL GPU for my new sandy bridge build. I am just going to get by on with my evga 280gtx till then… Thats a good deal of power.. I dont think my 750 will be able to run everything… 🙁

  3. Psolord

    Exhausting the hot air of such a high caliber card, inside the case, is not a wise choice!

    SLI two blower type cards and be done with it!

  4. Zibri

    I agree with Psolord. Card manufacturer must learn to make cards airtight and push hot air outside the case… But i know that could easily MELT hdmi/dvi connectors :/

  5. Ryan

    This looks pretty awesome – but I agree with the previous two posters that not everyone is going to have five 120mm exhaust fans on a super-tower E-ATX case to get rid of all that heat.

    That this is an EVGA card suggests that board vendors already have stock to distribute. It shouldn’t be long till it’s released, though I wouldn’t be able to run a fan with that cooler in my case.

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