[Demoscene] Crinkler: Under the Hood of the Best 4k Exe Compressor


Crinkler is an executable compressor widely used in the world of 4k intros. But actually, Crinkler is not a real executable compressor but rather a linker compressor: it replaces the traditional linker. One of the nice things with Crinkler is the size of its decompressor: around 220 bytes which is perfect when you have to embed it in a 4k intro.

If you want to learn more about the secrets of Crinkler, how to code crinkler-friendly 4k intro (the smaller asm code is not always the best candidate for better compression under crinkler…), just read this detailed article written by xoofx, a member of the french demogroup FRequency:

Crinkler secrets, 4k intro executable compressor at its best