NVIDIA OptiX GPU Ray Tracer SDK 2.10


NVIDIA has released a new version of OptiX, the GPU accelerated ray tracing engine for all CUDA-capable graphics cards.

You can download OptiX SDK 2.10 from this page.

OptiX SDK 2.10 brings the following new things:
– Support for PTX generated by CUDA 3.1 and CUDA 3.2.
– support of 64-bit PTX
– performance improvements for most heavy ray tracing workloads
– new sample: Markov Chain Monte Carlo method rendering
– New Experimental API: rtuTraverse


3 thoughts on “NVIDIA OptiX GPU Ray Tracer SDK 2.10”

  1. Psolord

    I run a couple of them on the office PC, with a 8800GT and then rerun them at home with 570 SLI.

    Although SLI was disabled at the moment, some of them run like 10X faster, lol.

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