[GPU Tool] GPU PerfStudio 2.4 Available

AMD GPU PerfStudio

AMD has published a new version of GPU PerfStudio. GPU PerfStudio is a profiler and debugger for OpenGL and Direct3D applications.

GPU PerfStudio 2.4 is a tool for software developers to use in debugging and performance tuning 3D graphics applications. It incorporates a Frame Debugger, Profiler, Shader Debugger and API Trace tool into a single unified IDE framework

Remark – DX9 developers: GPU PerfStudio 2.x does not support DirectX 9 applications.

Big picture of GPU PerfStudio used to profile NV’s Alien vs Triangles demo:
GPU PerfStudio 2.4 – (1 picture total).

GPU PerfStudio 2.4 changelog:

  • Improved connection process and UI.
  • Improved interaction between API Trace and Frame Debugger.
  • The shader code window now has line numbers.
  • DX11 Better support for DrawIndexedInstancedIndirect, DrawInstancedIndirect, and DispatchIndirect.
  • DX11 Improved support for multiple devices.
  • DX11/DX10 – Frame Capture is now more stable.
  • DX11 Improved support for multi-threaded applications.
  • DX10 PerfMarkers are now supported in the API Trace and Profiler when Frame Capture is being used.
  • OpenGL – Profiler now works on ATI Radeon HD 2400 series graphics cards.
  • OpenGL – wglSwapLayerBuffers is now recognized as a frame boundary.
  • Profiler column headers now indicate units, percentages (%), milliseconds (ms), bytes (b), and kilobytes (kb).
  • Profiler now supports ATI Radeon HD 6000 series graphics cards.
  • Improved ordering of the profiler counters . Improved depth and stencil profiler counters.

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