gDEBugger 5.8 with OpenCL 1.1 Support

gDEBugger - OpenGL and OpenCL debugger

Few days after the announcement of the free version, a new version of gDEBugger is available. gDEBugger 5.8 supports the latest version of the OpenCL specification (OpenCL 1.1). Detailed changelog can be found here.

You can download gDEBugger 5.8 HERE.

gDEBugger is an advanced OpenGL and OpenCL debugger, profiler and memory analyzer. gDEBugger does what no other tool can – lets you trace application activity on top of the OpenGL and OpenCL APIs and see what is happening within the system implementation.

gDEBugger is free and you can get a free one-year licence here.


2 thoughts on “gDEBugger 5.8 with OpenCL 1.1 Support”

  1. Mars_999

    Great news! Love the power this app gives a OpenGL/CL developer! Worth the money if you are serious about development!

  2. Leith Bade

    Too bad the OpenCL side still needs work.

    No NVIDIA OpenCL perfomance counters (at least on linux), and no debugging of the kernels themselves, only the run time.

    However the GPU memory viewer is very handy.

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