[Demotool] GeeXLab 0.2.8 Available

GeeXLab - demotool

A new update of GeeXLab is available. This is a bugfix release, no new features. GeeXLab 0.2.8 fixes two bugs related to the multi-threading management at the shutdow and the keyboard focus in fullscreen mode. These bugs have been fixed for the new version of ShaderToyMark that will be released very shortly.

GeeXLab 0.2.8:
Left-click to download (right-click disabled)

Two versions are packed in the installer: GeeXLab_Lua and GeeXLab_Python_Lua. The version of GeeXLab with Python support
requires the Python 2.6.6 32-bit installer
(or Python 2.7 32-bit installer or Python 3.2 32-bit) even on 64-bit OSes.

The code samples pack is available HERE.

All GeeXLab news including tutorials and demos: GeeXLab News.

GeeXLab support forums are available HERE (french) and HERE (english).

For Twitter addicts, you can follow GeeXLab tweets here: @GeeXLab.

What is GeeXLab?

GeeXLab is a tool (we can call it a demotool) for quick coding and prototyping of real time 3D scenes. GeeXLab can be seen as a real time 3D scene browser (like Firefox for html scripts). You code your 3D scene in one or several source code files, you load the main scene file in GeeXLab and GeeXLab displays the scene. That’s all. GeeXLab language uses a simple mixture of XML, Lua and/or Python and GLSL. All rendering is done with the OpenGL API. For an overview of GeeXLab, just read this article.

OpenGL, Lua, Python, PhysX

GeeXLab 0.2.8 changelog

  • Bugfix: keyboard focus in fullscreen mode (for ShaderToyMark).
  • Bugfix: in multithreading management during the shutdown step (part 3!).