[GPU Tool] EVGA OC Scanner 1.5.0 With GPU Load Limiter

EVGA OC Scanner 1.5.0

The new version of EVGA GPU stress test tool and artifact scanner is available. OC Scanner 1.5.0 adds the support of GeForce GTX 580 and GTX 570 with a new feature: a GPU load limiter. The GPU load limiter (or GPU load regulator) allows to keep the GPU load to a specified value in order to prevent the throttling back of the GPU by GTX 500 OCP (over current protection). On my EVGA GTX 580 SC, I found that a good value for the GPU load is 90%. With a GPU load of 90%, the card runs at full speed while keeping the power draw in the specifications.

Thread for feedbacks: EVGA OC Scanner 1.5.0 Released @ EVGA forums.

EVGA OC Scanner is now on GTX 500 box 😉

EVGA OC Scanner on the GTX 580 SC box
The box of EVGA GTX 580 Superclocked

OC Scanner 1.5.0 changelog:

  • New: added support of EVGA GeForce GTX 580 and GTX 570.
  • New: added GPU load limiter (for GeForce GTX 500 series). Default limit: 90%.
  • New: added GPU core clock, memory clock and GPU load sensor reading in the OSI (On-Screen Information).
  • New: added TDP in the GPU monitoring zone.
  • Change: Unlock power draw checkbox renamed in Heavy mode.
  • Change: slight changes in the main GUI.

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  1. NVidia

    I have a request, could someone of you put this program and provide a link to it? I do not have the graphics card from EVGA and Gainward only this program would come in handy to me.

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