GTX 580 Upcoming New Tessellation Demo: Alien vs Triangles

NVIDIA GTX 580 tech demo: Alien vs Triangles

Alien vs Triangles is the upcoming new tech demo that will be released with the GTX 580. And of course, the aim of this demo is to show off the tessellation caps of the GTX 580…

NVIDIA GTX 580 tech demo: Alien vs Triangles

The complete preview of this new tech-demo can be watched on this video:

[youtube oCPMHIDpT88]

And if you’re interested by other details about the ultra very upcoming GTX 580, check this page out.


12 thoughts on “GTX 580 Upcoming New Tessellation Demo: Alien vs Triangles”

  1. Daniel Rákos

    The guy talking about multiple displacement maps blended tells it like it would be a brand new thing. You can do it pretty easily with any existing DX11 class card. The only thing that you have to blend to displacement maps and just use the blended value as the displacement value for the tessellated vertices. It’s kind of ridiculous that they are talking about it like something “new”.

  2. filip007

    No game has that so it’s a new thing. Sapphire had Vapor cooling ages ago, ok it’s bonus for Geforce that’s for sure.

  3. ramanmono

    hey check the prices on google shopping for geforce gtx 580. Some are higer than 1000 dollars.

  4. Daniel Rákos

    But it is not new thing some technology point of view. They are showcasing it as it is gf580-only tech, but in fact it’s not.

  5. filip007

    John Carmack didn’t use it in any game so it must be new then…

  6. Ash

    filip007, you realize that you sound ridiculously childish, right? Only because Carmack hasn’t used a technique doesn’t mean the technique has not been invented yet! Much of what we know as Computer Graphics today is originated from academia. It’s not a one man’s work. And in case you didn’t notice, long gone the days where Carmack was the only major player in the field.

    I’m a graphics programmer and I can tell you for certain that this technology is nothing new. The only reason that this is still not used in games is because consoles are the dominant market, on which tessellation can not be implemented at the same level of performance, mainly because it’s not supported at the hardware level on their DX9-ish GPU. This means that programmers must implement different render-paths for PCs and consoles which adds another layer of complexity to an already complex game engine. It’s simply too much cost and effort for too little gain.

  7. psybersoma

    the demos ONLY have these special features. I’ve yet to see a game that ever has any of that kind of detail. Until they come out with games that have freakishly real graphics that are 3D in nature and fool the senses into thinking you’re in a real live environment, then I don’t see all the hoopla over the GTX 580.

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