NVIDIA R260.99 WHQL Graphics Drivers Released

GPU Caps Viewer - R260.99
GPU Caps Viewer 1.9.2 + R260.99 + MSI N460GTX Cyclone

NVIDIA has published a new set of WHQL graphics drivers for our cherish green GPUs 😀 (green… not all GPUs…).

This new version comes with better performances in some PC games (Civilization V, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy XIV, and Formula 1 Racing), adds new SLI profiles (Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Fallout: New Vegas) and fixes some bugs under Windows Vista/Windows 7 64-bit (9600GT and GTX 285M in SLI).

PhysX 9.10.0514 is automatically installed.

You can download R260.99 WHQL here:

No new OpenGL extension, still 243 (GL=222 and WGL=21). R260.99 exposes OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL 1.0 functionalities.

11 thoughts on “NVIDIA R260.99 WHQL Graphics Drivers Released”

  1. JeGX Post Author

    Daniel, I tested on a GTX 460 (Fermi GF104).

    If I’m not wrong, the only OpenCL 1.1 driver released by NVIDIA is R259.19. I don’t know why they don’t officially release an OpenCL 1.1 driver while AMD with Catalyst 10.10 + APP provides an official OpenCL 1.1 support…

  2. filip007

    AMD has more functions inside hardware than nVidia, at lest that Intel said when designing there Larrabee.

  3. Daniel Rákos

    Yes, this is most probably true. NVIDIA always got their higher scores in game benchmarks because of their larger texture bandwidth (and by sponsoring the game studios :D). So actually wonder how is that NVIDIA GPUs perform better in the OpenCL samples of GPU Caps Viewer…

  4. gopu

    If you run a 32bits OpenCL app in a 64 bits OS it will fail. That’s all. It’s a know limitation in the drivers.
    Tun 64bits apps in 64 bits-OS. 32 bits apps in 32bits-OSs.

  5. Atilim

    Latest software is incorrect. After the software is installed on the system volume and sizzle slowdown has occurred.How tell problems to Nvidia Support?

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