ratGPU: Free OpenCL Ray Tracing Renderer

ratGPU: OpenCL Ray Tracing renderer

ratGPU is a new OpenCL ray tracer. Currently there are two versions of ratGPU: standalone (the one I tested) and 3ds Max 2010/2011 plugins. ratGPU is free and is available for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 / 10.10).

I quickly tested ratGPU on my GTX 460 + R260.93 and it worked perfectly. You can save the rendering to an image (*.png). There’s also a benchmarking mode (click on the top-left graph button) but it lasts too long for me so I stopped it after 2 minutes… Try it and post your scores in the comments.

The standalone renderer comes with 4 demos scenes that have been created (I suppose) with the 3ds Max plugin.

And for ATI / NVIDIA fanboys, this short passage:

Although I spent a lot of time optimizing for ATI cards, they seem to be not able to catch NVIDIA’s OpenCL performance with the current implementation.

ratGPU: OpenCL Ray Tracing renderer
Example of a benchmark score

24 thoughts on “ratGPU: Free OpenCL Ray Tracing Renderer”

  1. msweed4life

    nice jeGX im testing on Ubuntu 10.10/win7x64 with HD5770 , later im post scores in the comments

  2. Psolord

    It seems to me that ATI’s road in OpenCL will be as troubled as OpenGL was. Reason. Anything non Microsoft does not play well with ATI. ATI has always been Microsoft’s lackey.

    From a manufacturer perspective, this is not such a bad call. From an enthusiast’s/end user’s perspective, this sucks. Still ATI is not doing all that bad in OpenGL now, but not nearly as good as DX.

  3. Korvin77

    it doesn’t work on my Radeon 4850+Cat10.8+Win7x64


  4. Psolord

    Damn it’s rendering for 8 mins and it’s at 50%. I am stopping this. Still it was showing a full 100% load on my 5850.

  5. Korvin77

    I just read doc “If you want to run this program using an ATI card, please install the ATI’s OpenCL SDK.
    The Radeon 4XXX series are NOT supported ( and they won’t be ). The Radeon 5XXX are
    fully supported.”
    now I see that he “spent a lot of time optimizing for ATI cards”

  6. jammer

    I think they don’t support 4xxx series because of their poor OpenCL implementation(for example, no support for local memory)

  7. dudu

    I found four important flaws in the ATI’s OpenCL SDK:

    1. Lack of DMA support. This makes the PCI transfer and kernel calls very slow.

    2. The JIT compiler is not very optimized and lacks a lot of options ( like the -cl-relaxed-math )

    3. ATI does not include the OpenCL.dll with their Catalyst drivers, so you need to download the huge SDK

    4. The Stream Kernel Analyzer crashes if you use complex shaders. The OpenCL profiler cannot profile DLLs…

    I think also that Vlado ( the main programmer of VRay ) was blaming also the ATI OpenCL implemention.

  8. Razorvashka

    NVIDIA CUDA : GeForce GTX 460(7/1400/993)
    572.520 secs



    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550@2.83GHz(4/3400/3391)
    1,217.082 secs



  9. skudo

    Razorvashka & Karamba, you used hybrid rendering 🙂
    To render only with the CPU UNcheck the GPU devices in the combo box :p

  10. Evan

    I have a intel quad core and a tesla gpu cpu alone got 533 sec with both dropped it to 75 sec 🙂

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