CEGUI (Crazy Eddie’s GUI System) 0.7.4 Released


CEGUI or Crazy Eddie’s GUI System is a free library that brings windowing and widgets support for OpenGL and Direct3D. The library / SDK is in C++, and targeted at games developers who should be spending their time creating great games, not building GUI sub-systems.

CEGUI’s main features are:

  • Mature codebase, CEGUI has been around since 2003!
  • Multi-platform support – Windows, Linux and Mac OS projects/solutions are available
  • Support for both 32bit and 64bit architectures
  • Heavily data-driven by using XML files, a generic property system and powerful skinning abilities
  • UNICODE support – utf8 and utf32 (check the Fonts sample)
  • Renderers for OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11, Irrlicht, Ogre3D, Crystal Space (provided by the Crystal Space team) and Open Scene Graph (provided by the Open Scene Graph team), DirectFB (experimental). A null renderer is provided as well.
  • Clear interface in case you want to write your own renderer
  • Several tools, including a Layout- and Imageset editors
  • Many wiki pages and usefull sample projects

CEGUI links: