AMD Tootle 2.3 Mesh Optimization Library

AMD Tootle 2.3 Mesh Optimization Library

AMD’s Tootle (Triangle Order Optimization Tool) is a mesh optimization library that provides the following optimizations:

  • 1. Vertex cache optimization: Triangles are re-ordered to optimize for the post-transform vertex cache in modern GPUs. This will yield significant performance improvements in vertex-tranform limited scenes.
  • 2. Overdraw optimization: To reduce the pixel cost of rendering a mesh, the Tootle library further re-orders the triangles in the mesh to reduce pixel overdraw. Significant reductions in pixel overdraw (2x or higher) can be achieved. This can yield significant performance improvements in pixel-limited scenes, and incurs no penalty in vertex-limited scenarios.
  • 3. Vertex prefetch cache optimization: Triangle indices are re-indexed in the order of their occurrence in the triangle list. The vertex buffer is re-ordered to match these new indices. Thus, vertices are accessed close to each other in memory. This optimization exploits the input vertex cache because vertices are typically fetched in a cacheline (that may contains more than one vertex data).

AMD no longer supports AMD Tootle, but makes it available for download without warranty.

Tootle 2.3.163 is the latest version and has been released few days ago…