[GPU Tool] AGS: ATI GPU Services Library

ATI GPU Service test

ATI GPU Services or AGS, is a small lib that allows to get information about ATI GPUs that is not normally available through standard operating system or graphic APIs. AGS 1.0 includes support for querying graphics driver version info, Crossfire and Eyefinity configuration info.

AGS home page: ATI GPU Services (AGS) Library @ AMD.

AGS is free and the SDK includes the header file as well as a DLL and static lib.

I quickly coded an micro-app and tested it on a Radeon HD 5870 + Catalyst 10.9:

ATI GPU Service test

According to AGS, Catalyst 10.6 is the latest version of the driver… Hummm… 😀

Only the DLL version works fine, I didn’t manage to compile with the static lib due to this error in VS2005:
atiags.lib(ags_crossfire.obj) : fatal error LNK1103: debugging information corrupt; recompile module

Not cool!

I’ll wait for the next releases before using it in my tools.