[Demoscene] Future Crew History

[youtube tdWs_ZJL2c8]

A documentary about one of the world famous demogroup: Future Crew.


If I’m not wrong, some of Future Crew’s members are the founders of FutureMark…

And two of their legendary prods, Second Reality (created for Assembly 1993) and Unreal (1992):

[youtube XtCW-axRJV8]

[youtube vxGtPAhkEQU]


9 thoughts on “[Demoscene] Future Crew History”

  1. Psolord

    Oh Crap!

    The memories are rushing back…..aarrgghhh! lol

    I remember Second Reality. I had just moved to the PC from an Atari ST back then and after watching this demo, I had a hear attack, a stroke and also grew hair on back. Thankfully I was fine after that. 😛

    I knew at that moment, that a good amount of my given time in this world, would be consumed in from of a PC screen!

    Damn you Future Crew and thank you as well! 😉

  2. Tachyon

    Watching the 2nd Reality demo for the first time was certainly the most awesome moment ever at the PC for me <3

  3. WacKEDmaN

    Future Crew rocks! I remember reading about this back in the Amstrad CPC days! ahh 4mhz 8bit goodness!

    did i see low-poly softbody deformation physics in Second Reality?!!

  4. Hiro / Liquid

    Well, just a small post to say that “Second Reality” really looks like an old Amiga demo called “Desert Dream” from Kefrens. It’s not only about the effects but about the whole feeling (music and ambient)… You can see it there : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2323664703436511808#
    by the way, just keep in mind that it has been coded with a 8mhz computer with 1MO RAM…

  5. c00ler

    Waw I remember when I discovred the demoscene world through the PC TEAM magazine (R.I.P).
    Is there a sub (FR or ENG) for this video ? sorry I don’t understand Swedish 😛

  6. JeGX Post Author

    @c00ler: Future Crew is not a swedish demogroup, they are FINNISH, from FINLAND!!!!! Hope they don’t stumble upon your comment 😉

    Yes PC TEAM was a great magazine especially for their demoscene section (there was also PC FUN which talked about demoscene)…

  7. c00ler

    Aww sorry for the mistake 😛
    I remeber also in france a great magazine called “Joystik” 😀

  8. Mars_999

    Psolord, Amen to that brother!!! I was on a C64, C64C, C128D, Amiga 500!!! Always wanted a Amiga 4000 but never got one, before commodore went belly up and moved to PC. Sad times indeed. But FC ROCKS!!!! as the whole demo scene opened my mind to many possibilities of computers!!!! PC(dsesktop) I should say, user for LIFE!!!!!!!

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