GeForce GTX 480 512SP Power Consumption with FurMark

GeForce GTX 480 512 cores

Expreview has managed to get a stress test a GeForce GTX 480 512 SP: all 512 Shaders Processors are enabled!

GeForce GTX 480 512 cores

GeForce GTX 480 512 cores - two 8-pin connectors
two 8-pin connectors

Here is the power consumption when the GTX 480 512SP is stressed by FurMark: 200W in more compared to the GTX 480 with 480 SP. The clocks speeds of the GTX 480 512SP have been reduced to match those of the GTX 480 with 480SP.

GeForce GTX 480 512 cores - FurMark - power consumption

According to these numbers we have: (644-158) * 0.8 = 390W for the GTX 480 with 512SP! (0.8 is an average PSU factor – a PSU with a factor of 0.9 would lead to 438W). The power consumption of a regular GTX 480 is around 300W when it’s FurMark-ed.

We have to wait for a real final product because such a high number is not serious… How can 32SP increase the power consumption by more than 100W???

5 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 480 512SP Power Consumption with FurMark”

  1. Psolord

    I guess the guys of Expreview made a mistake. I think they wanted to write 464 for the 512 SP part.

  2. Ruin

    They may have upped the voltage on the card to get those extra 32 to work. If so, the whole GPU is going to suck extrac juice.

    Without knowing the voltage on BOTH cards, the comparison is worthless.


  3. Mrbytes

    Th responsible is the heat, greater temperature (around of 94ºC), the processor makes mistakes, and have to re-order data (data movement on the bus, which more energy is consumed) and initiate new transactions. The discharge of the condenser of memory, and the new charge. This causes lower performance, and increase energy consumption.


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