(Demoscene) ASM 2010 – ASD’s New OpenGL Demo is just Awesome!

[youtube SQngoCBvq3Q]

The Assembly 2010 demoparty is over and this year again, the demogroup ASD has released a… don’t find my words… amazing, dazzling prod (as usual I’d say)!

And guess what my friends, this is an OpenGL demo, yeah!

You can download it here: Happiness is Around the Bend @ pout.net

On my GTX 480 (R259.09), the demo ran at an average FPS of 30.

In an old interview, Navis (ASD’s main coder) said that all effects, camera paths and so on, are 100% hand coded… So I let you imagine how long it takes to create such a prod. ASD rocks!

Assembly 2010 - ASD - Happiness is Around the Bend

Assembly 2010 - ASD - Happiness is Around the Bend

Assembly 2010 - ASD - Happiness is Around the Bend

Assembly 2010 - ASD - Happiness is Around the Bend


18 thoughts on “(Demoscene) ASM 2010 – ASD’s New OpenGL Demo is just Awesome!”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    i cant get this to run for some reason, i just get a black screen with the music running :/

  2. MaNiAc

    Most demos are not famous about how good they are at handling errors / mismatched hardware requirements. 🙂 Try updating your drivers, etc – if that doesn’t help, try asking about hardware requirements at Pouet.Net

    Btw JeGX the Pouet link you’ve posted points to another prod by UF + DD instead of the ASD one.

  3. jammer

    Impressive piece of work, especially animations. I wonder what technoogies did they use to achieve such great effects (geometry shaders I guess?).
    btw 15fps on my Radeon 4650 @ 1280×720, noAA

  4. WacKEDmaN

    nope..gtx470 here…with 259.09 drivers..its looking like a resolution/refresh rate prob..will try again later on a CRT

  5. WacKEDmaN

    got it working on a CRT..strange issue with my LCD (Samsung P2270)

    this demo is impressive..i liked the fact that they didnt credit half the scene and just let the visuals speak for themselves!

  6. Psolord


    I understand what you meant by that Radeon comment mate. 😉

    Although a die hard ATI user, I got myself a GTX 460 for my secondary rig and one of the primary reasons, is to get rid of all the scene demo crashes.

    Truth be told, I don’t like the scene’s stance towards ATI. In any case, from all the demo competition and 64k competition demos I watched, only three crashed this time, which is awesome.

    Now for the juicy part. This ASD demo, SURPRISINGLY runs about 100% faster on my 5850 than on my GTX 460. When you get the time, have a look!

    This is my FRAPS recorded ASD demo

    You will see at times, that it is even faster than when you are watching it on a GTX, WITHOUT fraps recording. Keep in mind that this is 1080P 60fps native recording, that brings 50% performance hit easily.

    The 5850 rig has an i7 and the Q9550 rig has a Q9550. I don’t think I was facing some kind of CPU limit here though, since both cards showed 100% gpu usage at the end.

  7. efikkan

    This demo is really high quality work, just imagine a game with an intro like this!

  8. auld

    ASD Demo: amazing amount of work. Great effects. One of the best demos for a long time.

    Scene stance on ATi: to clear it up, there isn’t one. Sort of. Nvidia were smart and hosted a very successful demoscene party a few years back. That made them popular. They gave away lots of cards to sceners – just for entering the compo! Not if you won, just for trying. That made sure lots of sceners had nvidia cards. As we all know nvidia shader compilers are more forgiving than the standards and so lots of shaders work now only on nvidia in scene productions. Bad coders say ati sucks as the shader they think in standard isn’t. Some good coders do too :-).

    Nvidia have won hearts and minds in the scene and ATi/AMD have not responded.

    Asds demo runs fine on my ati card.

  9. JeGX Post Author

    Yep it’s true, ATI GLSL compiler is strict and follows better the right GLSL syntax than NVIDIA one. For example this line has a bad syntax:

    vec2 vec = texture2D( tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st );

    and generates an error on ATI cards but is valid on GeForce. What’s more, due to the Cg compiler on which NVIDIA GLSL compiler is based, this wrong line is valid on NVIDIA:

    float3 c = texture2D(tex, uv.st);
  10. msweed4life

    it twirled perfectly in my VGA ATi HD5770a ZNFC, impressive, congratulations to the creators and the people of geeks3d, really very creative and in platform ATI, it did not present no problem, it twirled without stopping total in real time.

    thanks geeks3d, ATi lovers !!

  11. DrBalthar

    Very impressive art direction and scene competition. Not sure if technical it is that outstanding but artistically it is one of the best demos I’ve ever seen and blows definitely everything away released this year. Special kudos must be rewarded for including the “old school” 3DS chrome face!

  12. Jonathan Busby

    “On my GTX 480 (R259.09), the demo ran at an average FPS of 30.” What resolution were you running it at? At 1024×768 ASD’s demo ran *flawlessly* under the latest version of Wine on my Kubuntu Linux machine and I only have a BFG GTS250 OC 1GB.

  13. Jonathan Busby

    Well, I just ran it at 1680×1050 and it was very choppy. I need a better graphics card. 🙂

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