NVIDIA Quadro 5000 And Power Consumption With FurMark

NVIDIA Quadro 5000

NVIDIA Quadro 5000 is one of the three models of Fermi-based professional graphics cards (see this page for an overview).The Quadro 5000 is based on the same GPU than the GeForce GTX 465: it is based on the GF100 with 352 SP (shader processors). But the Quadro 5000 comes with 2.5GB of graphics memory whereas the GTX 465 exposes only 1GB. And another difference is that Quadro 5000 graphics memory has a 320-bit bus with and supports ECC (error correcting code).

NVIDIA Quadro 5000

NVIDIA Quadro 5000 main specs:

  • GPU: GF100 @ 513MHz
  • Memory: 2.5GB GDDR5 @ 750MHz real speed (or 3000MHz QDR speed) with ECC / 320-bit
  • TDP: 152W
  • Power connectors: 1 x 6-pin
  • Price: around US $2250

NVIDIA Quadro 5000 and GPU-Z

Power consumption and GPU temperatures
In comparison with the GTX 465, Quadro 5000 shows a reduced power consumption: around 50W in less. According to PC Perspective, One reason is the better quality of the silicon used:

Obviously because the Quadro line is worth so much more to NVIDIA in terms of profit margin, the company has been and will be hoarding the best dies from the wafers for these cards and what we are seeing is a result of hand picking GPUs that run more power efficiently than the others.

According to HotHardware, the Quadro 5000 has a power consumption of around 143W under FurMark with a max GPU temperature of 88°C

NVIDIA Quadro 5000 and 6000 and FurMark

NVIDIA Quadro 5000 / 6000: FurMark and GPU temperature

X-bit labs gets similar results with FurMark: around 150W.

NVIDIA Quadro 5000 and FurMark

Another interesting fact:

Gaming load differs greatly from what the graphics card has to face in professional 3D applications. There is no wonder that the GeForce GTX 470 is much faster than the Quadro 5000. The GF100 chip of the gaming card has more unlocked multiprocessors and thus delivers higher performance in games where the speed of shaders is more important than the speed of drawing and texturing of triangles.

NVIDIA Quadro 5000 and 3DMark Vantage

4 thoughts on “NVIDIA Quadro 5000 And Power Consumption With FurMark”

  1. jK

    “The GF100 chip of the gaming card has more unlocked multiprocessors and thus delivers higher performance in games”
    From the posted specs both cards use 352 SP.
    It’s just that the GPU runs at 513MHz (Quadro 5000) instead of 607MHz (GTX 465), what also explains the reduced power consumption.

  2. sssfail

    Get 4 5970s and you’ll have a ton of power and heat which becomes useless when it comes to scientific computing, creating pre-rendered images with millions of polygons, and CAD.

    You know, useful professions which call for precision and stability, not this wasteful spending for a couple of extra frames in a couple of silly games.

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