NVIDIA R258.69 non-WHQL Display Drivers

NVIDIA R258.69 + GPU Caps Viewer + GTX 480

NVIDIA has released a new set of display drivers for Windows 7 and Vista. This is a non-WHQL (or beta) driver that supports all GeForce 6/7/8/9, GTX 200 and GTX 400. This driver support OpenGL 4.0 and installs PhysX 9.10.0223 runtimes.


New in Release 258.69

  • Adds support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround technology. Learn more about this technology including the hardware and software requirements HERE.
  • Includes numerous bug fixes.

One thought on “NVIDIA R258.69 non-WHQL Display Drivers”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    these drivers maybe newer..but they dont support OpenCL 1.1..

    @JeGx..im noticing with GPU caps viewer that OpenCL is picking up and using the 2nd card installed in the system..

    i have to manually set the nvidia control panel to the GTX470 (which is my primary card)
    to get it to show 14CUs@810mhz. If i run GCV with cuda set to “All” then it only says i have 2 CU’s @ 1655mhz! (thats my overclocked 9400GT!)

    i see in your screenshot here that GCV is picking up your 2nd card aswell “CU 12 @ 1340mhz)”…ya really need to watch that if doing benchmarks with GCVs built in demos.
    The primary card will do the rendering, but OpenCL will be running on the 2nd card which should give higher scores (not in my case..the 9400GT is slower than a dog with 2 broken legs!)

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