RADEON-Z 0.1.0: OpenGL Information Utility for ATI Radeon Cards

RADEON-Z: OpenGL information utility for Radeon graphics cards

What? A new GPU tool? Nope my friends, don’t panic, I’m not going to release another GPU tool. The only purpose of RADEON-Z is to illustrate how get the memory size in OpenGL. So if you’re interested by this topic, you can read the following tutorial:
[PROGRAMMING TIPS] How to Know the Graphics Memory Size and Usage In OpenGL.

I don’t think this tool will be updated in the future. Maybe, in the best case, its code will be integrated to GPU Caps Viewer.

You can grab RADEON-Z here:

Like GPU-Shark, RADEON-Z does not require installation. Just download the file somewhere and launch it.

As its name says it, RADEON-Z works with Radeon-based graphics cards only!

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  1. Athlonite

    somehow i think an core MHz speed reporting bug is the least of that GPU’s problems and the link works for me

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