Low Viscosity Flow Simulations with CUDA

[youtube dg8DgKjJQD8]

Not a new video (almost 2-year old) but still cool.

We present a combination of techniques to simulate turbulent fluid flows in 3D. This paper describes a fluid simulation method used in the film industry. We use CUDA to accelerate our high resolution Poisson solver to enforce fluid incompressibility. Flow in a complex domain is modeled using a regular rectilinear grid with a finite-difference solution to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.

We propose the use of the QUICK advection algorithm over a globally high resolution grid. To calculate pressure over the grid, we introduce the Iterated Orthogonal Projection (IOP) framework. In IOP a series of orthogonal projections ensures that multiple conditions such as non-divergence and boundary conditions arising through complex domains shapes or moving objects will be satisfied simultaneously to specified accuracy.

Thanks to Adam 😉