(Gamedev) Assimp 1.1.700 Available

GeeXLab - Assimp loader
A DirectX .X 3D object loaded in GeeXLab with Assimp

The new version of Assimp is finally out. Assimp, or Open Asset Import Library, is a C++ library which loads various 3D model formats (.3ds, .obj, .x, .dae, .off, .b3d, etc…) and returns them in a common in-memory structure.

The complete list of supported 3D object formats is available HERE.

You can download Assimp 1.1.x HERE.

Assimp is used by GeeXLab to load 3D models and I just updated it with this new version of Assimp. And from the first tests I did, Assimp 1.1.x works fine. The new version of GeeXLab will be released in the next few days…