FurMark 1.8.2 Available

FurMark 1.8.2 - Graphics card stress test tool

FurMark 1.8.5 available!

The new version of FurMark is out to terrorize your brand new graphics card!

You can download your copy of FurMark here:
Webmasters: hotlinking is not allowed, please use the post url as download link.

What’s new is this version ? Essentially a compatibility mode with FurMark 1.6.x and especially 1.7.x. I noticed that FurMark 1.7.0 is still much downloaded and the main reason is the difference in the scores between version 1.8.x and 1.7.x. I increased the graphics workload / power draw of FurMark 1.8.0 for all new graphics monsters such as HD 5870, HD 5970 or new GTX 480, leading to less FPS and lower scores compared to FurMark 1.7.0.

Here is the changelog of FurMark 1.8.2

  • New: different scoring web pages for version 1.7.0 and 1.8.2+.
  • New: option to enable FurMark 1.7.0 compatibility mode.
  • New: support of latest Radeon HD 5000 and GeForce GTX 400 series.
  • New: display of GPU and memory clocks (even if GPU-Z is not started).
  • Change: improved temperature graphs readability.

What? You don’t know what is FurMark? FurMark is one of the most used stress test tool for graphics cards. It’s an OpenGL-based app that uses fur rendering algorithms to stress and measure the performance of the graphics card. The high power draw required by FurMark puts under pressure the GPU and VRMs (voltage regulator module) of the graphics hardware.

Power consumption, temperatures and sound production of GeForce GTX 480 4-way SLI tested with FurMark:

[youtube 7V13ZGIZgYY]

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  3. JeGX Post Author

    You have to click on the Download image. No right-click or hot-linking allowed. I think your problem comes from this restriction.

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  5. Psolord

    Found a bug.

    On my 5850 crossfire system, when crossfire is disabled, furmark shows only the temperature of the idling card as the temperature for both cards.

    I was watching my gpu temperatures remaining at 38C, while the stability testing was progressing and I was happy for a moment there! 🙁

    Then I opened MSI Afterburner and I saw the temperature of the working card was 70C and the idling one was 38C.

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  9. sgtheadhole

    My HD5770 clock at 1Ghz core hits 70C with a custom fan curve

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  17. Dorian Muthig

    There’s a bug in the program. If you use benchmarking mode and minimize the rendering window the GPU is not put under load, but the frame rate is still being counted and perceived to be in an extremely high range. This does not produce accurate results.

  18. JeGX Post Author

    Indeed, I forgot to handle this case. In previous versions of FurMark, only fullscreen scores could be submitted but from version 1.8.0 if I’m not wrong, you can score in both modes – windowed and fullscreen. I’ll add a fix in the next version.

  19. Hynx

    Will you implement an “artefact” detection feature? That would be really usefull for the OC people, since ATItool isn’t developed anymore, and people say it isn’t accurate with the new boards.

  20. JeGX Post Author

    Artifact scanning is a feature reserved to EVGA for its tool OC Scanner. Currently the OC Scanner is limited to EVGA’s GTX 400 series but this limitation will be removed soon.

  21. Hynx

    Also, with Furmark 1.8.2 I get a stuttering every second (when updating temps I think, it makes a little pause). With Kombustor 1.0.0 I don’t notice this. I’m using 4870 on Win7 x64, latest ATI drivers.

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  24. Dabby

    When we try to run this test , we have one error message ==> “Furmark – Overclocking Validation Utility – OpenGL Benchmark And Stabilty Test has stopped working”

    Have anyone know what’s happen?

  25. McCarron

    What does “Webmasters: hotlinking is not allowed, please use the post url as download link” mean? I don’t see any posts with a download URL.

  26. frank

    i’m new in using this stuff, do help me please.. how to check the graphic card stability using furmark.. ?? i’ve already try to use this software, and my graphic card temp going up and up to 78c!! i’m using nvidia gts 250..

  27. K-Kid

    Furmark crashed once giving me a GSOD on my HD 5870 and won’t open anymore…

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  31. Anonymous

    How hot should your cards go? I have two GTX 460’s, and one got to 101 C, the other was climbing to 74 C….101 seems pretty hot.

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  35. JFFulcrum

    >Could not initialize ZoomGPU.
    >FurMark startup failed.Bye!

    What does this mean? Windows XP, GeForce 9800 GT, different NVIDIA drivers tried.

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  38. gamer

    very good program not above from 55c i have saphire ati hd 4870 with xigmateg aircooling system

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  43. Transisto

    I’ve been searching google for 2 hours on how to select another GPU,,,

    What mean Multi-GPU , how do I use it on a 2nd gpu ?

    /rendering_cpu_affinity WHY NOT a _GPU_affinity ???

    WFT, I must be really dumb,,,

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  45. smokey861

    Mine crashes as you as you try to run the benchmark. Vista 64bit

  46. apchar

    Mine crashes too when I do benchmarking or (ironically) the stability test. Machine is a dell inspiron 1721 with a radeon x1270 graphics card.

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  51. Fjonn

    Hmm I have a watercooled HD6970@stock and furmark crashes when I run it on burning mode. I don’t get any artifacts thoo. Any idea what could be wrong ?


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  53. Jhay

    Hi, im kinda new here.. can notebook mainboards with built in AMD VGA card endure Furmark

    Notebook model is Aspire 4551g with AMD IC Madison pro 216-0772000 A11

  54. Chris

    68 degrees after 10 min stability test with my old 8800 GTS 640mb. The old girl still goes hard.
    Mind you, aftermarket ram and GPU cooler and ambient air temp of 20 degrees.
    Pretty sure a standard card would have been cooked!

  55. kilohawk

    BLEW MY PSU!!!! so it sure is good :DD
    admittedly, i was running a cpu stress test at the same time 😉 and had many many fans at 100% 😛

  56. Animeimp

    I am trying to run Furmark 1.91 – I was running the 2.80 NVidia driver, and upgraded to the latest 285.38 Beta. When I run Furmark now, it says I must have a OpenGL 2.0 compatible controller installed. Did NVidia take out the older versions of OpenGL that anyone knows?

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