Power Consumption of Two GTX 480 in SLI With FurMark and 3DMark03

Zotac GeForce GTX 480 in SLI
Two Zotac GeForce GTX 480 in 2-way SLI

624 watts is the power consumption of two GeForce GTX 480 under FurMark (res: 1280×1024):

Graphics cards power consumption with FurMark
Power consumption with FurMark

Keep in mind that FurMark is an extreme case of power consumption. The power comsumption for a real game can be approximated by 3DMark03:

Graphics cards power consumption with 3DMark03
Power consumption with 3DMark03

According to NVIDIA, high power consumption is the consequence of a fast card with tons of features…


9 thoughts on “Power Consumption of Two GTX 480 in SLI With FurMark and 3DMark03”

  1. Psolord

    These guys at Techpowerup should really really I mean RRREALLY update their benchmark suite.

    I mean come on, Prey, Quake 4, Far Cry 1, 3d mark 03, 3d mark 05, Unreal Tournament 3? Dudes all these are cpu limited by far. You don’t use such old games to test next gen cards.

    As for the GTX 480s in SLI, judging by how close the 5970 is, I am pretty sure that my two 5850s OCed at 950Mhz would be just slightly slower, while costing like 600 euros less. No thank you Nvidia. See you next round.

  2. JeGX Post Author

    yep you’re right about the old games. Only DX11 apps like Metro 2033 or Unigine show some important differences (tessellation?).

  3. horacio

    very bad optimization.

    What you need to work this board?

  4. Max

    it will not own ATI at this point
    1: need a nuclear reactor to run this card in SLI 2/3/4 and even single card is very power hungry
    2: 100c+ heat… in Winter… see what happes whan my room heats up to 30c in summer (i live in australia)
    3: impossible to enjoy a good play at night without earphones, even in a closed case.
    4: just a tad faster then HD 5970, but in SLI only, at the cost or what? extra $100 on electricity bills every month, and dmg to your eardrums?

    see you in few years nvidia

  5. Kinggo

    I live in Australia too, and even in winter my office would reach 40c+ after 1 hr with my 2 way SLI GTX 480’s.
    So I liquid cooled them and now I need a heater again.
    The EK waterblocks are awesome and water temp does not exceed 28c after 1 hr on metro.
    Best performance ihave seen.

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