GeForce GT 240 Exposes OpenGL 4.0 Extensions

OpenGL 4.0

Zotac GeForce GT 240

I recently received a Zotac GeForce GT 240 and I was surprised to discover that this model of GeForce exposes more OpenGL extensions that a GeForce GTX 2xx (GTX 260 or GTX 280).

My test bed runs with Windows 7 64-bit and the graphics drivers used are the R197.15.

A GTX 2xx exposes 212 OpenGL extensions (the complete list is available HERE).

After a quick inspection, it turns out that these extra extensions are OpenGL 4.0 ones. Check out this post for more details on new OpenGL 4.0 extensions.

Here are the 6 extra OpenGL extensions exposed by the GT 240:

NVIDIA ForceWare 197.41 and GPU Caps Viewer

Why the GT 240 exposes OpenGL 4.0 extensions and not other high end cards such as the GTX 260, GTX 280 or GTX 295 ? I have currently no answer…

Update (2010.04.13)
The difference comes from the GPU architecture: the GeForce GT 240 is a DX10.1 GPU while GTX 2xx are based on a DX10 GPU.

Anyway, the GeForce GT 240 exposes a total of 218 OpenGL extensions. Here are sone additional information from GPU Caps Viewer:
– OpenGL Renderer: GeForce GT 240/PCI/SSE2
– Drivers Version: (3-16-2010) – nvoglv64
– Video Memory Size: 1024 MB
– Video Memory Type: DDR3
– Clocks level #0: Core: 135MHz – Memory: 135MHz – Shader: 270MHz
– Clocks level #1: Core: 405MHz – Memory: 324MHz – Shader: 810MHz
– Clocks level #2: Core: 550MHz – Memory: 790MHz – Shader: 1340MHz
– BIOS String:
OpenGL Version: 3.3.0
GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) Version: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
– CUDA Compute Capability: 1.2

7 thoughts on “GeForce GT 240 Exposes OpenGL 4.0 Extensions”

  1. spate

    Those ARB extensions correspond to D3D 10.1 features. Since the GT240 has a 10.1 feature set, it makes sense that they’d expose those.


    If those extensions are related to DX10.1, I wonder if ATI exposes them on the HD3000 and HD4000 series?

  3. MaNiAc

    WTH… On the other hand, OpenGL version reported is still 3.3. Hope this whole thing is not a mistake and eventually it’ll be 4.0 and all this stuff will feel somewhat more “official” 🙂

  4. DrBalthar

    Spate nailed it GT240 is a newer generation of the chip that supports D3D10.1 that’s why it will expose these extensions. While GTX260-285 are older generation of the chip and therefore do not have these functionality. That is just a sign of stupid nVidia rebranding schemes as well.

  5. JeGX Post Author

    Thanks guys for your contributions. So the difference comes from the generation of the chip: DX10 or DX10.1.

  6. 007

    The GT 220 also exposes these new extensions with the new 3.3/4.0 nVidia Linux module.

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