ComputeMark: DX11 DirectCompute Fluid Simulation Benchmark

ComputeMark - DX11 DirectCompute Benchmark

ComputeMark is a new DirectX 11 benchmark based on DirectCompute, Microsoft’s GPU computing solution.

ComputeMark is based on the DirectCompute fluid simulation.

You can grab ComputeMark here:

Here are some results on an Intel Core2 E8400 CPU @ 3GHz, 2GB DDR3, Windows 7 64-bit and Catalyst 10.3:

MSI R5770 Hawk:
– Benchmark score: 1185
– Average FPS: around 18
– Burn Test: 6993 / BURN passed, max GPU temp: 62°C

ATI Radeon HD 5870 (reference board):
– Benchmark score: 2307
– Average FPS: around 37
– Burn Test: 13371 / BURN passed, max GPU temp: 73°C

On my system, the rendering is not smooth, there is a slowdown every two seconds…

And you, what are your scores ?

If you don’t have a DX11 system, here is an overview of ComputeMark and the fluid simulation:

[youtube _ubIvvzl7HY]


10 thoughts on “ComputeMark: DX11 DirectCompute Fluid Simulation Benchmark”

  1. Daniel Persson

    With a 5850 std clocks I get roughly 2010 on test and 11525 in burn mode. Scales the same as your card … but is approx 10-13% slower than your card. At this test 🙂

  2. zicka

    My results:
    Q9550 / 8G ram / Win7 / Cat. 10.3 / HD 5970
    Benchmark: 1904
    Burn: 11167

  3. Psolord

    I am getting 1968 on my stock 5850, but I am encoding a 1080P video at the same time, so this could be better.

  4. rocco

    on hd5770 work better on single gpu the crossfire of two hd5770 give less fps!!! 🙁

  5. NutWrench

    2 Radeon 5870’s in SLI mode, stock speed, score 4027.
    I get a problem with the 1.2 version. It runs in full screen rather than a window. The red cube spins but the fireball in the center doesn’t fire out any flames against the sides. It looks like the fireball is stuck just as it is beginning to fire. The test completes normally and exits cleanly. I had no problems with the 1.1 version.

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