[Quick Test] OpenCL Studio: IDE for OpenCL and OpenGL Programming

OpenCL Studio

OpenCL Studio is an OpenCL and OpenGL integrated development environment.

You can download OpenCL Studio HERE.

The IDE hides all the dirty job and let you play OpenCL kernels (written in OpenCL C language), with OpenGL shaders (wrtitten in GLSL) and allows you to script the prototype you’re coding with Lua, the lightweight but powerful scripting language.

Makes me thinking to GeeXLab (maybe I’ll add OpenCL support one day) 😉

Okay theory is nice but real world testing is better. Let’s test a bit OpenCL Studio.

OpenCL Studio - Error

Already an OpenCL error????
Maybe it’s a welcome message 😉

Test of the particles demo (particles.3Dm):

OpenCL Studio - Error

Too bad…

Maybe that will help OpenCL Studio developers: I have a GeForce GTX 260 + GTS 250 + ForceWare 197.15 + Win7 64-bit. Here are GPU Caps Viewer screenshots:

GPU Caps Viewer - GTX 260 - OpenCL support

GPU Caps Viewer - GTX 260 - OpenCL support

And all GPU Caps Viewer OpenCL demos work fine!

Anyway, I’m sure OpenCL Studio is a cool env for OpenCL prototyping. The beta status of the IDE may explain these errors…


5 thoughts on “[Quick Test] OpenCL Studio: IDE for OpenCL and OpenGL Programming”

  1. tinsukE

    A little bit off-topic, buut: Why the two (different) GPUs at your machine? Do you use the GTS 250 solely for Physx? Whats your MB?

    Getting back to the post: The idea of a OpenCL-dedicated IDE is very welcome!

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Yep, I’m working on the upcoming PhysX FluidMark and I’m testing also a dedicated GeForce for PhysX (GTX 260 for 3D and GTS 250 for PhysX).

  3. OpenCL Studio

    He, I just came across your post. Thx for the Caps Viewer screenshoots, it really helps in diagnosing a problem. We had already begun to use that utility in our bug reporting process.

    The problem that you have experienced should be fixed now. It had to do with the two cards in your system, probably coupled with the driver versions. I am running OpenCL Studio right now on a system that is almost identical to yours…


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