DX11 DirectCompute Buddhabrot Demo

Direct3D 11 Buddhabrot Demo

Here is a DX11 DirectCompute implementation of a Buddhabrot renderer. Full VC++ 2008 project is provided as well as the executable.

You can download the demo with source code and exe here

The Buddhabrot is a special rendering of the Mandelbrot set which, when traditionally oriented, resembles to some extent certain depictions of the Buddha. When viewed upside-down, it vaguely resembles a human face with large, triangular glasses or goggles over its eyes.

Seeing a Buddha is not too difficult with a little imagination but a human face with glasses is another story…

Anyway, I tested the demo on Windows 7 64-bit with a Radeon HD 5870 with the Cat 10.3 / OpenGL 4.0. Here are some numbers:
FPS: 45 (no matter the resolution of the screen)
Samples per second: 459’506

For those that can’t see the demo, here is a video:

[youtube K0-mZONfoMU]

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One thought on “DX11 DirectCompute Buddhabrot Demo”

  1. CarstenS

    Hi JeGX,

    Something’s wrong with your HD 5870! With no special tricks, but the normal 10.3a Catalyst and Ati Stream SDK 2.01, I’m getting 95is Fps (950k samples). 🙂

    Also, the CPU version is only single-threaded – right?

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