Fog in GLSL (WebGL)

Fog in GLSL (WebGL)

I received some screenshots from Daniel Aquino that is creating a clone of Forsaken (tests are done WebGL but I don’t know if the complete project will be done in WebGL).

Daniel used some code I wrote in 2007 about fog in GLSL. He played with the gl_FragCoord to re-create the pixel depth:

Fog in GLSL (WebGL)

Here is another screenshot and the code that goes with:

Fog in GLSL (WebGL)

Fog in GLSL (WebGL)

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  1. Daniel Aquino

    Actually I’ve been working on the real Forsaken code base for about two years. Mainly bug fixes and some improvements. Recently I ported it to cross platform technologies like opengl, openal, sdl, enet, etc allowing it to play on Linux and other systems :]

    The webgl prototype is mainly just an experiment but it may be used for a level editor or perhaps someday as an alternative client.

    I also have another prototype that can render forsaken and descent levels which I wrote in ruby.

    And Lion from descent community is working on a c/lua modable engine for 6dof games.

    More information is available at our web site:

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