GPU-Z 0.3.9 Available

GPU-Z 0.3.9

The new version of GPU-Z, the popular video card information utility from techPowerUp, is available.

This new version adds the support of latest Radeon (HD 5830, HD 5770, HD 5750, HD 5670, HD 5570, HD 5450) and GeForce (310, GT 320, GT 240, GTS 360M, 230M, 330M, 240M, G105M) cards. Temperature monitoring support for some Intel IGPs has been added as well as the support of Intel GMA500, Clarkdale and Arrandale.

The OpenCL detection has been improved on Radeon cards but seems there is a little problem with GeForce under Windows 7 if we compare to GPU Caps Viewer:

GPU Caps Viewer

GPU-Z and FurMark still work fine together:

GPU-Z and FurMark

Complete changelog and download of GPU-Z HERE.

2 thoughts on “GPU-Z 0.3.9 Available”

  1. Arioch

    tooltip error

    DirectCompute 4.1 tooltips speaks about OpenCL not about DirectX

  2. Arioch

    at least in russian

    english DC4.1 tooltip in 0.3.8 was ok, but opencl detection did not work

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