[PREVIEW] Multi-Core CPU Support in PhysX Seems to Work

FluidMark - Multi-Core CPU Support in PhysX
Multi-core CPU in PhysX in action…

Do you remember this news where AMD claimed that multi-core CPU is disabled in PhysX ?

I’m currently updating Geeks3D’s PhysX FluidMark tool and from my last tests, multi-core CPU support in PhysX seems to be ok (that confirms what NVIDIA said in this news)… At least on my dev station with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 and an AMD X2 3800+ 😉

More on this topic when FluidMark will be released. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “[PREVIEW] Multi-Core CPU Support in PhysX Seems to Work”

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  3. Xajel

    I think AMD missed something and NV didn’t lied here, and maybe AMD didn’t missed anything but they misused some words. I think it will be better to say that PhysX implementation in current PhysX enabled titles isn’t optimized for multi-core systems

    I think that PhysX does indeed support Multi-Core, but when going to NV’s TWIMTBP program and thier work to embed PhysX in games, they only optimize advanced physics details for GPU working, but will not make anything regarding multi-core… as they don’t want to create multi-path for different level of details for each number of cores !!

    the question is…
    when a PhysX app that uses a GPU doesn’t find a GPU, well it automatically goes to CPU processing ( and multi-core optimized ) or there must be a seperated path for each of these…

    I think with most ( if not all ) PhysX implemtations in games, the PhysX API has two paths and the path for CPU acceleration is not that well used or optimized to work with multi-core CPU’s, they will need more Physics details profiles to retain the different configurations used in real world and this means more work…

  4. Squall Leonhart

    Its more like the laziness of devvers to properly thread the PhysX implementation that leads to be it being far slower then what has been seen in apps like 3DMark Vantage.

    but oh… wait. Vantage has 12 THREADS!

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