GeeXLab 0.1.15 Available

GeeXLab - 3D programming - OpenGL - Lua - Python

A new update of GeeXLab is available. No big new feature in this release except two functions (available in Lua and Python APIs) for playing with AMD hardware tessellation unit. I will detail tessellation in the next post with a GeeXLab demo…

The Python version of GeeXLab has been compiled with the latest Python 2.6.4.

And stay tuned, new versions of GeeXLab are planned shortly with PhysX update, OpenCTM support and other cool things…

As usual, GeeXLab is available in two versions: one with Python and Lua and the other with Lua only.

DOWNLOAD: GeeXLab 0.1.15 full (Python + Lua)

DOWNLOAD: GeeXLab 0.1.15 no Python


  • New: added AMDSetTessellationFactor() and AMDSetTessellationMode() to HYP_Renderer lib (Lua / Python).
  • New: added GetFaceMaterialIndex() and GetFaceMaterialId() to HYP_Mesh (Python / Lua).
  • New: added Translate() to Python version of HYP_Object.
  • New: added export_pack_source_code attribute in script node to force the export of script source code to binary scene. By default if a script is not embedded in XML, the script file is not packed in binary scene file.
  • Change: updated with Python 2.6.4
  • Bugfix: in HYP_Utils.SetDrawVertexNormalLengthFactor() in Python. Length was processed by an integer leading to very large factors.
  • Bugfix: in the W4K loader when there were several materials per mesh.