What is the GSoD?

Radeon - GSoD
The GSoD…

GSoD is the acronym of Grey Screen of Death (in reference to the famous Windows BSoD or Blue Screen of Death).

GSoD is a recently new trendy term in the world of Radeon HD 5000 series graphics cards. Radeon HD 5000 come with new GDDR5 memory that is known to have somes issues (due to heat or faulty chips). These issues may lead to grey screen and vertical line corruptions that may randomly appear during normal usage.

How to fix it?

AMD has released a hotfix for Catalyst 10.1 that fixes the GSoD for Radeon HD 5800 series. You can download this hotfix HERE.


6 thoughts on “What is the GSoD?”

  1. Charlie

    I’m not very tech savvy but this sounds like a hardware flaw. How exactly would you fix the GSoD issue software wise? GPU/RAM throttling? Wouldn’t this make the card perform at lower advertised specs?

  2. Korvin77

    I think driver issued changes latencies (well known method of improve stability on system RAM) and this can produce of lower performance… for example a motherboards makers do this sometimes for system RAM when issue new BIOSes.

  3. Bergy

    After a BIOS flash the Grey Screen of Death disappeared, else I would have to wait 4 months for this solution…

  4. Dmitry

    I have it from time to time with my Radeon HD 5750 (on Windows 7 64 bit). It appeared just after OS is booted. Only at this momemnt. And I looks like I found the fix:
    1) I removed all ATI services and programs from OS startup
    2) I disabled GUI boot of Windows 7
    So, now system is booted with black screen, and I don’t have GSoD problem…

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