Biggle: To Keep in Pace with OpenGL Extensions

Biggle - OpenGL extensions management

Biggle is a small library for OpenGL developers that don’t want to catch headaches with the management of OpenGL extensions.

Like GLEW or GLEE, Biggle does all the dirty and boring work of initializing all OpenGL extensions exposed by the graphics driver and supported by the graphics card.

Biggle includes two files only: biggle.h and biggle.lib and to use Biggle in your app, just two line of code are needed (of course you have to add the stuff to link with biggle.lib):

#include “biggle.h”

I hope the author of Biggle will check for new extensions regularly and keep his baby up to date, key of success of such a lib.

Maybe I’ll try to use it in one of my softwares (ZoomGPU would be a cool place since OpenGL extensions are currently managed by GLEW).

Where can you get Biggle ? Just HERE my friends 😉


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