OpenGL vs Direct3D: the Return!

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If you like debates with blood and sweat, OpenGL versus Direct3D is an excellent source for such discussions. Here are two debates about GL vs D3D:

3 thoughts on “OpenGL vs Direct3D: the Return!”

  1. Korvin77

    haha just bought three the big PC games: MassEffect2, Batman AA and DarkVoid – all of them out in 2010 and all of them use UE3 and of course use weak and bloated DX9+SM3.0 except Batman (DarkVoid even crash if I enable dx10 in config file) but all these games look just stunning especially MassEffect2 cinematics – DOF + edge bloom effect just do wonders 😀

  2. Korvin77

    small update – Batman use DX9 too and has no options to switch it, and this is funny because it was targeted as DX11 game…

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