GeForce GTX 275 VRM Damaged by FurMark

GeForce GTX 275 VRM damaged

I found this funny picture (not for the onwer 😉 ) of a GeForce GTX 275 that has not supported a FurMark session. MOSFETs (part of VRM – voltage regulator module) cooling is important especially with an overclocked card…

GeForce GTX 275 PCB
Image from (

Source: Furmark benchmark thread (5XXX series edition)

13 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 275 VRM Damaged by FurMark”

  1. filip007

    If GPU card makes funny sound don’t push it…like some Radeons!

  2. 700pilif

    If GPU card makes funny sound don’t push it…like some Geforces!

  3. flp0ii07

    Lol, inter-brand rivalries are funny. I stopped using Radeons because they broke when I pushed them, and then my GeForce made funny noises when I pushed it. Screw it. I’m getting a Matrox.

  4. Athlonite

    my Matrox a noise so i traded it in for an s3virge runs wicked now

  5. shant

    well, i oc’d my 9800GT point of view gpu +61 (600 default)its fine except it makes funny noises when using furmark (not while gaming) and it only does it while ordinary torture when i put xtreme burning mode no noise, its the same back to stock freq, any ideas? oh and it freezes with furmark at 95-100-103c yes it goes beyond 103c because point of view heatsink fucking suckss!!! the memories get hot as HELL and the capacitors probably gets hotter than 105c which is its maximum, anyway any ideas? contact me on

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  7. Florian

    Hahahaha all you people are funny, enough with the video card wars, i personally prefer ati these days but i used to like nvidia.

    The thing is that one day ATi release a superior line of graphic cards and then Nvidia Release a line thats the same if not better any one that argues that their card is better than someone elses gtfo this is the 21st century and your graphic card was outdated the minute you walked out the shop with it 😛

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  9. rubicon elite

    if i use furmark on a integrated videocard like an Intel HD grafics card , will this test break it ?

  10. rick

    question: if a piece of software can cause your video card some fucked up damage, why the fuck use it? (even if it is to test out how well your card is)….

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